Toth Speech Services, LLC was founded in 2006

by Maria E. Toth, MS, CCC-SLP.


Maria is an active and certified member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) in addition to several Special Interest Devisions.  Working from the ground up, Maria completed her education at the University of Florida, cum laude, specializing in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology.  She then earned a Master of Science degree in the field and immediately put her skills to use in the clinical setting at St. Mary's Medical Center Outpatient Facilty before creating Toth Speech Services, LLC.  She is highly qualified and certified in PROMPT therapy as well as traditional therapy techniques. Her plan with Toth Speech Services was to design a team of medical professionals working together to help children within their natural environment.  This is otherwise known as the "Child Centered Approach". Throughout her work experience, she observed the most progress when the therapy was designed functionally in the environment where the child is the most comfortable (home, school, community). 

Toth Speech Services, LLC and its therapists serve children throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties, and provides a comprehensive evaluation and an individualized Plan of Care based on your child’s unique needs.

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Our Mission is to improve the lives' of children through effective and functional communication. 
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