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Help! My little one isn't talking!

You've come to the right place and took the most difficult step...recognizing. First, breathe. There is help and hope...always hope! Children work most effectively when they feel "something is in it for them." Just think, we all work for an end result. For example, when your toddler wants to reach a toy on the shelf, he's likely to climb for it regardless of the risk of falling. He is reaching toward a goal...that shiny toy truck that he loves to push around. When you watch him play, you may even notice he seems quiet with minimal vocalizations.

This can be very scary to watch as a parent. We wonder - "Will my child talk?" "When will my child talk?" "Will other kids make fun of him?" "Why does he have these tantrums at home?" "Why is he biting and hitting at school."

As a mother of three beautiful little beings, I know first hand how hard that can be and how we easily compare our children to other children. I urge you to STOP! Let him be his own person and embrace his strengths. Through his strengths, we can work together to help him evolve from his challenge of lack of verbal communication to a little motor mouth.

A large part of my practice is done in collaboration with parent/caregiver training in your child's home or school. I also do tele therapy and phone consulting. So, I come to you and work around your schedule. I can help you help your most beloved little cherub. Call me today for an initial screening. Studies support the importance of early intervention for long term success rates. Time is precious and now is the time to start so your little one can be the best form of himself and blossom like a butterfly.

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon with comments and questions! Happy Saturday friends. XOXO

Maria Toth, MS, CCC-SLP

(561) 400-1931

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