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Yes! He is communicating!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


Children are so interesting to study. Often times, I will meet a new child and the parent or caregiver tells me, "He/she isn't able to communicate." One of the first things I do is work on identifying times during the child's daily routine when a need is met

(i.e., eating). I use "eating" as an example, because food is such a motivator with most kids. If little Jake walks to the refrigerator, opens it and grunts, guess what...he is communicating! He clearly wants something, or is confused by the delectable variety of foods he gazes upon. What happens next is crucial. If mom walks over and says, "Are you hungry? Do you want milk? Here have some cookies and milk." Now, she has asked him two (2) successive questions and answered for him without giving him an OPPORTUNITY to answer. Parents and caregivers do this often because they know their child the best and want to avoid a meltdown. As a mother to three (3) cherubs, I clearly understand that thought process. However, allowing a child the opportunity to answer, or merely protest, is the first step to a communicative exchange. So, happy Saturday to all of you wonderful mommies and daddies out there! Today, I encourage you to take a "step back" and let your little one respond. We can build on that! Good luck with your new job, you'll do great!!!

I provide in home sessions and also offer phone and video services. I would love to answer your questions and hear your comments/feedback.

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